JARRIETT HICKS Mugshot 07-01-2024 Wake County

FirstName JARRIETT MiddleName MARQUIS LastName HICKS Sex MALE Age 30 Arrest Date 07-01-2024 00:55:00 Arresting Officer M MOORMAN-WFPD Arresting Agency Charges: Date Statute Description 07-01-2024 90-95(D)(2) SIMPLE POSSESS SCH II CS (M) 07-01-2024 90-113.22(A) POSSESS DRUG PARAPHERNALIA

Tedrae Wedderburn – STL Mugshots

Name Tedrae Wedderburn DoB or Age 24 Sex Male Race Black Booking Date 010/07/2024 Booking Time 10:00 am Warrant / Statute Description ASSAULT Height & Weight 5’9″ Bond – Charge ASSAULT Next Tedrae Wedderburn – STL Mugshots

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Name HICKS-ANDERSON DoB or Age 35 Sex Female Race White Booking Date 01/07/2024 Booking Time 9 am Warrant / Statute Description DRIVERS LICENSE NOT ON PERSON ( Bond: 500.00 )D.U.I. (ALCOHOL) ( Bond: 1000.00 )OPEN CONTAINER-ALCOHOL IN A VEH ( Bond: 1000.00 ) Height & Weight Bond 2500$ Charge DRIVERS LICENSE NOT ON PERSON Next … Read more

Etowah County Mugshots SANDRA JOHNSON

Name SANDRA JOHNSON DoB or Age 26 Sex Female Race Black Booking Date 06-29-2024 Booking Time 6:55 pm Warrant / Statute Description SIMPLE ASSAULT-FAMILY Height & Weight 5″1′ Bond $0.00 Charge RESISTING ARRESTDISORDERLY CONDUCT Next


Name JAMES KERLEY DoB or Age 55 Sex Male Race White Booking Date 06-30-2024 Booking Time 11:26 pm Warrant / Statute Description NO PROOF OF INSURANCE Height & Weight 5’5″ Bond $0.00 Charge NO PROOF OF INSURANCE Next GRACE GERHARD Mugshot¬†

JERI PITTON Mugshot 06-30-2024 Wake County

FirstName JERI MiddleName LEA LastName PITTON Sex FEMALE Age 38 Arrest Date 06-30-2024 22:05:00 Arresting Officer HS SPELL-CPD Arresting Agency Charges: Date Statute Description 06-30-2024 14-32(C) AWDW INTENT TO KILL 06-30-2024 14-277.1 COMMUNICATING THREATS GRACE GERHARD Mugshot

Mugshots Topeka – Omar NMN Salgado-Romero

Name Omar NMN Salgado-Romero DoB or Age 9/10/1994 Sex Male Race White Booking Date 6/30/2024 Booking Time 5:30 PM Warrant / Statute Description Domestic Battery / Criminal Damage to Property Height & Weight 5″9″ / 180 Bond No Bond Charge Criminal Damage to Property Next Cameron Eugene Owens