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Can you write an educational guest post for us? If yes, then why not move on? Team Calculator-online.net warmly welcomes talented writers to write knowledge-based content. You can get a chance to learn new writing styles and learn more by writing for us. Scroll down a little, get through the guidelines to write, the content type we accept, and complete the submission procedure.

What do We accept?

We only accept posts on the topics mentioned below:

  • Health
  • Maths or Mathematics
  • Finance
  • Informative
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Statistics
  • Construction

What We Don’t Accept?

We do not accept any writings regarding gambling, trading, or adults.

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What Writing Style You Ought to Adopt?


  • Try to make your title as engaging as it can be
  • It must contain a primary keyword in it.
  • It should contain any crisp idea that could be handy for our readers.
  • Use the H1 heading tag while writing a topic.

Introductory Paragraph:

  • Let our audience know what they will be learning from the article.
  • How will the content assist them in resolving various calculations problems
  • Focus on the pivot idea and briefly explain how it will be handy.

Content Body:

  • You may get through the articles already published on our site. Follow the same pattern while adding the information that our traffic wants.
  • Keep proper Heading Tags (H2, H3, H4, … etc.) and add relevant context to ease reading.
  • Avoid over-optimization and artificial stuffing of keywords
  • Try to make the article as organic as it can be considered!
  • Use images or infographics to illustrate the concept under study better
  • Use bullets to highlight various tricks to resolve particular problems.
  • We accept word count in the range of 500-1500/Article.

How to Submit?

You can send us your writing piece via email. It can either be a Doc File or a Word File. Ensure you do not send us any “Zip File”.

What Happens Next?

After you submit or send your content to us, it is screened through the following procedure:

  • Our editors will thoroughly read your sample content.
  • Will gather feedback from our writing experts
  • Get back to you with editing notes and ask you to make changes (if required).
  • Once you are back with the content we seek, we will gladly publish it on our site!