Dilation Calculator

Dilation Calculator :- A free online dilation calculator is specifically designed to calculate the coordinates of the center point of the modified image after it gets transformed.

What Is Dilation?

In geometry,

“A significant transformation in the size of an image without changing its shape is known as dilation.

what is dilation

Types Of Dilation:



Horizontal dilation:

Dilation Calculator – To find the scale factor for a dilation, we find the center point of dilation and measure the distance from this center point to a point on the pilgrimage and also the distance from the center point to a point on the image. The ratio of these distances gives us the scale factor, as Math Bits Notebook accurately states.

Enter the change in x and change in y of a length along with a shape or image pre and post-scaling to calculator the scale factor dilationc


What Is Scale Factor In Dilation?

“The ratio of the size of the modified image to the original one is known as the scale factor”

Scale Factor Dilation Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the scale factor dilation of an image or shape.

SF = X2/X1 = Y2/Y1

Time Dilation Calculator

Time Dilation Calculator equation

How much faster did the ‘stationary’ twin age? It is possible to calculate the exact value with the time dilation equation:

Δt' = γΔt = Δt / √(1 - v²/c²)

  • Δt' is the time that has passed as measured by the traveling observer (relative time);
  • Δt is the time that has passed as measured by a stationary observer;
  • v is the speed of the traveling observer;
  • c is the speed of light (299,792,458 m/s); and
  • γ is called the Lorentz factor.

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